All Ball Bearings
  The data unofficial. The compiler does not account for their accuracy.
dDh - internal, external diameters and height. The list by way of growth of the size (d, then D, h).
Position - the list by way: spool, drive gear, pinion gear, worm shaft, handle etc. (left then right, front then rear).
For "simmetrical" baitcasters all data for right handled. For spinning reels in this color
2x5x2??Shimano RD?RD2388
3x6x2.5Line rollerDaiwa TD 2500CU1G02-0801
??Shimano RD?RD2401
3x7x3??Shimano ?????
Worm shaft ..?Abu Garcia ?????
3x8x4Spool leftDaiwa TD-Z etc. (Pixy, Fuego, Sol, Alphas, Presso, Steez, Zillion, but see exceptions in "Remark"!)1Except Steez, Advantage
Spool rightDaiwa Presso1W/bearing adapter, so spool is interchangeable w/Pixy
Spool right 2-ndShimano old not-SF (Scorpion 1000 etc.)1Not SF only End of spool shaft: BNT0916
Okuma VS 1001Not SF , end of spool shaft, 0910208
Bando Banax Starion 100/3001Not SF , end of spool shaft
3x9x4??Abu Garcia ?????
3x9x5Spool leftBando Tova 600/3000-1Tova 300 - sub. of the bush
3x10x4Spool leftTica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
Shimano "Bantam" Old (Calais, Curado, Chronarch, Citica etc.)1BNT0194 Stock P/N, BNT2927 A-RB P/M
Shimano Calcutta 100-4001 -
Abu old 4000-6000; SX16,003,6001 -
Abu LP models1Including Revo
Daiwa Steez, Advantage1 -
Pflueger LP (Supreme, President, Solara, Trion, Purist)1 -
Okuma VS 10010910005
Bando Banax Starion 100/3001 -
Spool rightShimano "Bantam" Old1SF only BNT0194 Stock P/N, BNT2927 A-RB P/M
Shimano Calcutta 100-4001 -
Abu old 4000-6000; SX16,003,6001 -
Abu LP models1Except Revo
Pinion gear rightAbu Revo1STX, Premier
4x7x2.5Worm shaft leftAbu Revo1STX
Worm shaft rightAbu Revo1STX, Premier
HandleDaiwa TD-Z etc.0-4Where is or the sub. of the bushes is poss.
Line rollerBando Banax Si 750/8001 -
Ryobi Zauber 3000/40001 -
Pinion gear frontBando Banax Si 8000-1The sub. of the bush
4x8x3Pinion gear rightTica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
??Shimano RD?RD3306
4x10x4Spool leftAbu 4xxxC-5xxxC,6xxxUC1 -
Spool rightAbu 4xxxC-5xxxC,6xxxUC1 -
4x11x4??Shimano TGT?TGT0112
5x8x2??Shimano RD?RD2030
5x8x2.5Drive gear leftDaiwa TD-Z etc.0-1Where is or the sub. of the bush is poss.
Tica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
Pinion gear rightDaiwa TD-Z etc.1 -
Worm shaft leftTica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
Worm shaft rightDaiwa TD-Z etc.0-1Where is or the sub. of the bush is poss.
Tica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
HandleTica Sculptor 100/100H4 -
5x9x3Spool rightBando Tova 600/3001 -
Tica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
Drive gear leftShimano "Bantam" Old1BNT0031 Stock P/N, BNT2929 A-RB P/M
Abu Revo1STX, Premier
Okuma VS 10010910236
Worm shaft leftShimano Chronarch MG1BNT0031 Stock P/N, BNT2929 A-RB P/M
??Daiwa ?????
??Quantum ?????
5x10x4??Shimano ?????
??Quantum ?????
Spool rightBando Banax Starion 100/3001 -
5x11x4Spool leftAbu 1500C-2601C,SX-Hi1 -
Spool rightDaiwa TD-Z etc.1Except Presso
Abu 1500C-2601C,SX-Hi1 -
Pflueger LP1 -
Shimano "Bantam" Old1Not SF only Spool shaft behind Pin: BNT0124 Stock P/N, TGT0584 A-RB P/M
Abu Revo1 -
Okuma VS 1001Not SF, spool shaft behind Pin
6x12x4??Shimano BNT?BNT0080
??Shimano TGT?TGT0052
??Shimano TLD?TLD0170
6x17x6??Penn ?????
7x11x3??Abu Garcia ?????
??Shimano RD?RD2254
7x11x4Drive gear rightShimano Ultegra 40001 -
7x13x4??Shimano BR?BR0047
??Shimano RD?RD0930
7x14x5??Shimano BNT?BNT087
??Shimano BR?BR0037
??Shimano RD?RD0026
??Shimano TGT?TGT0223
??Shimano TLD?TLD0123
??Shimano TT?TT0017
7x17x5??Shimano TGT?TGT0019
??Shimano TLD?TLD0028
??Shimano TLD?TLD0042
??Shimano TLD?TLD01223A
??Shimano TT?TT0181
7x19x6??Shimano TT?TT0033A
7x22x7??Penn ?????
8x12x2.5Drive gear rightDaiwa TD-Z etc.1The sub. by 8x12x3.5 is poss.
Tica Sculptor 100/100H1
8x12x3.5Pinion gear leftDaiwa TD-Z etc.1 -
Tica Sculptor 100/100H1 -
Pinion gear (1)Shimano "Bantam" Old1SF only BNT2170 Stock P/N, BNT2937 A-RB P/M
8x14x4Drive gear rightBando Tova 600/3001 -
??Daiwa ?????
??Mitchell ?????
8x16x5??Daiwa ?????
??Shimano BNT?BNT0583
??Shimano TGT?TGT0090
??Shakespeare ?????
8x19x6??Shimano TLD?TLD0167
??Shimano TT?TT0117A
8x22x7??Shimano TT?TT0033
9x16x4??Silstar ?????
9x17x4??Shimano BR?BR0137
??Shimano RD?RD1102
9x17x5??Daiwa ?????
??Silstar ?????
??Shimano RD?RD3204
9x20x6??Shimano BR?BR0129
??Shimano RD?RD0244
??Shimano TT?TT02200
10x15x4Spool leftAbu Morrum1 -
Spool rightAbu Morrum1 -
10x22x6??Shimano RD?RD0307
12x18x4??Shimano BNT?BNT1016
???? ?????
??Abu Garcia ?????
??Penn ?????
??Quantum ?????
??Penn ?????
??Penn ?????
??Penn ?????
??Penn ?????

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