Popularity of baitcasting reels
(On tackletour.net forums materials)
On the manufacturers
On a TackleTour forums the flaccid private measureings by [beep!]...s in half-year periods are ended by more-less mass sharing in polls of a type: "Which brand reel do you most frequently use?".
Below we shall give the results, and now we shall mark, that for us they are rather representative and why it is so.
The participants of a forum in the majority the Americans and Canadians. In the majority they catch on internal waters, and the objects, though differ on a species composition, it is all same predators with predominance of "about one - three kilogramme", that is representative and of us (on scales, understandably, it is less). That is, it is not a radically different fishing in Australia or Cuba. And this forum just most is a middle-continental American, as against for a many of local and specialized forums. The exotic here is represented too, but in proportions, close to ours.
Directly so: "Your liked manufacturer of baitcasting reels", - the problem was not put. Even of "baitcasting" was not stipulated. But - it is necessary to know the specifity of a forums. When speak "reel" and even "tackle", the baitcasting reel is meant just and first of all. And diverse (spinning or other reel, rod, bait, line etc.) is specially stipulated. So that here  there is a strained interpretation,  the opinions and on spinning reels are counted, but even at 20-40% of such voices it hardly can essentially change a pattern of preferences in a choice of baitcasting reels... Therefore nevertheless below-mentioned table is called not "popularity", and "an estimation of popularity", thus the voluntarism is estimated in limits plus-minus 10 to numbers of distribution of voices in the table.

Estimation of popularity of the manufacturers of baitcasting reels
(middle cells of the table - distribution of voices in percentage)

Date of
  April'03    April'06  September'06  March'07   Voices 
 Abu Garcia657932

Negatively at a level of representativity, likely, more all the two factors has an effect. The participants of a forum:  a) from not of the poorest orders;  b) from more prone to boasting. If the interrogations were made not on a forums, and is true on the population, the separation of Daiwa and Shimano for certain would decrease, and notably. Can be, numbers for Abu Garcia and Quantum would grow up a little, but first of all numbers for "others" essentially would grow, first of all by the Pinnacle, Pflueger, Cabela's, BPS.
On names
We have made only two votings with the purpose of definition of the most popular reels among Daiwa and Shimano. The question was put just so: not "best" among them, and with what you use really more often.

Usage of a reel as basic
(most often)

Name of reel   %   Name of reel   %   
 Presso1 Calcutta/Conquest50 7 
 Pixy11 ScorpionMG/Chronarch50 16 
 Alphas/Sol19 Scorpion1000/Curado100 18 
 Steez7 Antares/Calais100 12 
 TDZ/X AirMetal25 Metanium/Chr.100 (+MG) 11 
 Procaster1 Citica100 4 
 TDX/S not AirMetal         7 Calcutta/Con. 100 (+DC) 7 
 Fuego12 Scorpion1500/Curado200 5 
 Zillion11 Antares/Calais200 (+DC) 7 
 TDA153HST5 Citica200 4 
 TDA1501 Calcutta/Con. 200 (+DC) 8 

Distribution on classes
(middle cells of the table - distribution of voices in percentage)

Less 100 on
Near 100 on
More 100 on

Quantity of the actual challengers on a role most claimed name, not live in these lists, we estimate within the limits of 20%.
From Daiwa for some fishers most often used is Millionaire and its variations, Luna, Smak/Viento, variations of TDA. Probably, some simplified models on the basises of TDZ (TDV, TDG) and Procaster. Some inaccuracy in the data could be introduced by specific reels TDZ-M and TDZ-BBS.
For Shimano among the actual challengers it is possible to term models of the class 300-400, and also reels of a "low end" level in all classes.
As conclusions
On our view, main errors of the people purchasing a reel, specially for the first time:
  •  Confuse popularity in discussions and in use;
  •  Attempt to select "on an outgrowth";
  •  Select tackle of more "heavy" class, than it is necessary;
  •  Attempt to save on a purchase, but do it illiterately.
    These aspects we not once discussed in the articles and on a forum. We remind them, - this time on the ground of the statistical data, - but to be iterated, likely, it is needless.


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    Posted 27.03.07
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