Popularity of baitcasting reels  -  '07
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In March 2007 we have published  statistics of interrogations  of TT community on the subject of "The reels of what brand you use more often?" for a period since spring 2003 till spring 2007.
Unfortunately, before the last voting (from 17.03.07) questions were put not "what you use more often?", and simple: "best brand". And this not same. As is known, everyone appreciate thin dry wines and women with legs from a neck, but drink vodka.
Besides the polls were made on brands "in common", that practically meant a common heap for reels of all types. To select from results the baitcasting reels alone it was impossible.
And only in March '07 we for the first time have made interrogations of a following level, namely: votings with the purpose of definition of the most popular reels inside the nomenclature of the most popular brands.
Now, in January '08, the interrogations are made as it is necessary:  "What manufacturer baitcasting reel you used most often in a past season (2007)?" - and two votings of the same type inside the nomenclature of two most popular brands.
On the manufacturers

Popularity of the manufacturers of baitcasting reels
(for April '03 - March '07 totally for all types of reels!)

Date of
April '03-
March '07
 January '08 
      %       Voices 
 Abu Garcia61314

Here now all has risen on the places!
It is well known on miscellaneous sources, that the Americans nevertheless among spinning reels prefer Daiwa, and among baitcasting reels - Shimano. And among production Abu Garcia the baitcasting reels are much more popular than spinning reels.
On names
Again (second time) have made two votings with the purpose of determination of the most popular reels among Daiwa and Shimano. The problem was put just so: not best among them, and with what you used more often. But have added, on our view, useful clarification: what you used more often just in a past season?
Number of items of poll not boundless, therefore in 11 items (12th - "others") we have laid only most popular reels of rather "light" classes (in the table below to more "light" reels there correspond more light cells).

Usage as basic (most often) among Shimano reels

Date of poll March '07  January '08 Trend
    %    Voices     %    Voices
 Metanium/Chr. 100 (+MG)10101212+20
 Antares/Calais 100991010+11
 Calcutta/Con. 200 (+DC)7755-29
 Antares/Calais 200 (+DC)7755-29
 Calcutta/Con. 100 (+DC)5544-20
 Calcutta/Conquest 505599+80
Participants amount-96-102-

Usage as basic (most often) among Daiwa reels

Date of poll March '07  January '08 Trend
    %    Voices     %    Voices
 TDZ/X AirMetal20192319+15
 TDX/S not AirMet.5522-60
Participants amount-97-81-

As we see, the changes for one year are appreciable.
Shimano increases production of reels with magnesium alloy frame (MG) and the popularity of brand has increased.
At last have got to the core the baby Calcutta/Conquest 50: it "appears", it is quite enough of it for many kinds of "severe" fishing, and on abilities to work from the smallest weights (specially version 50S) in a model line it is outside of a competition.
Some fiasco of DC me, excuse, pleases. Without gloating - constructively! For such money to purchase actually not DC, and "half-DC" (without the line tracking system), - whom as, but my professional consciousness is boiled over... In for a penny, in for a pound.
Daiwa. Even for a rather long time out of production, the TD-Z/X Airmetal while hold the first position, though and dividing it now with Alphas/Sol. Certainly, will hand over the position with time, specially as have the immediate heir - Steez. And here Fuego, as though hybrid of out of production TD-X Airmetal and TD-X not Airmetal, actually has failed... The fans of TD-X Airmetal it is more probable will changed on Steez or Alphas/Sol, and TD-X HSDF fans - on Zillion.
The size "150/153" Daiwa actively advance. Somehow... I can understand an Advantage-153HST type and its versions: as in all senses the average working horse with a magnificent price/quality parameter. But Alphas-153 - in my comprehension it any more not only an engineering perspective, but also not "thin" marketology and... They commute details from model on model (the boon in overwhelming majority it is without problems) and mould new and new labels... It is a pity, it is not solid as a minimum. Widened spools are most useful for vertical jigging, for trolling, but what for to figure such with a reel ground on opposite, on L-ML baitcasting?
It is necessary to mark, that in our interrogations the cheaper part of the nomenclature is in general minimumly represented, but also fallen here, as you can see, is popular a little. Here it is necessary to understand (and to not doubt): it is quite worthy reels and they can be purchased and effectively to use, but the possibilities and, accordingly, preference of TT associates are such that are. - High.
Still it is necessary to mark, that the change of a statement of interrogation could in any measure have an effect on the "Trend": in past year the question was simply about the basic working reel - and someone, likely, has termed "basic recently", perceiving it variously; this year it was necessary to name just the working horse 2007-th.
The next year, if the similar interrogations are held, it is necessary again to do some changes. Already notably, that the rotation among "most popular" is required, any should be removed from the list, any to enter. Besides it was clarified the list can be magnified from 11 up to 14 items.
  •  Do not confuse popularity in discussion and in usage, always there are discussed some "extreme", but usually are preferred in practice the "centre" types.
  •  Pay attention to "Trend", as now it is possible. Essentially negative tendency means, at least, that the market boom around of any model has appeared as phoney. Most likely, such reel - candidate on sales; if nevertheless it is pleasant under the characteristics, to catch it it is necessary there.
  •  Do not purchase a baitcasting reel of more "heavy" class, than it is necessary. The surplus in capacity, drag will be hardly ever claimed, and the poor castability for yours (rather light) baits will spoil to you pleasure from purchase - always.


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    Posted 18.03.08
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